Project Details

Project Name
Ekinciler Merkez Ofis
Ekinciler ve Ortakları İnşaat Ticaret A.Ş.
Kavacık - İstanbul

Project Description

The building was constructed as basement + ground floor + mezzanine + 5 normal floors + terrace. All floors are about 320 m². There is a steel construction helipad above the terrace. The helipad is built on vibration damping imported basis and is fit for night landings which comply with international standards.

Exterior facade of the µbuilding (including the lower part of the helipad) is coated with aluminum composite plates. Exterior windows are made up of reflective glasses. Exterior walls have internal thermal isolation. Exterior facade of the ground floor is coated with specially embroidered basalt.

Offices in the building are divided by imported laminate-coated dismantling panels with built-in closets.

Ground coatings; ground floor, first floor and staircase halls are coated with granite; normal floors are coated with antistatic linoleum; executive floor is coated with carpet. Ceilings are coated with aluminum panels and drywall suspended ceiling.

The building is equipped with a security camera system and both the entries to and exits from floors are secured with a computerized card system. Generators step in automatically in case of blackouts. In addition to the satellite dish system, there is a fully automatic fire alarm system which is sensitive to heat and smoke. There are two elevators in the building and a closed car park in the basement floor. The steel construction fire escape outside the building can have its elevation decreased up to 0.00.

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